EDIT CHALLENGE – Cutting on Motion/Match Cutting

Cinestudy (formerly Framelines) presents an EDIT CHALLENGE! We need YOU to be our EDITOR! Download the footage, edit your own version of the scene, and upload it for the world to see.


For this interactive tutorial, the aim is to cut on matching points of action. This footage has several natural places to practice cutting on motion and match cutting. We also recommend doing your own sound design. The tricky part is avoiding parts of the takes where you might see mistakes.

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EDIT CHALLENGE – L-Cuts/Split Edits

CINESTUDY presents an Interactive Editing Project! Anyone can download the clips and edit the scene together however you want.

INTERACTIVE – L Cuts/Hospital Scene from CINESTUDY on Vimeo.

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EDIT CHALLENGE – Restaurant Scene

Welcome to the first official CINESTUDY Interactive Editing Project!


We will provide you will a script and all the footage to practice editing a scene, free of charge. All we ask is that you use the complete credits either in your movie or in the description online. And don’t for get to use our Hashtags #Sonnyboo and #Cinestudy

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