Framelines presenta: ¿en qué consiste la profesión de script?

Our old material from FRAMELINES is still being used to educate!

Cuentos de una script

¡Hola a todos! Ya es lunes de nuevo, y aunque algunos estaréis de vacaciones, otros seguimos en pleno rodaje.

Hoy quiero compartir con vosotros un vídeo breve pero intenso en el que se describe de manera muy concisa nuestro trabajo, con ejemplos visuales de los pequeños fragmentos del making of de una grabación.

¿Para cuándo uno así en español? ¡Estoy deseando encontrarlo!

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Film-making Rules

Theatrical Design


Leave some room! If your actor is looking off screen to the left, leave room to the left. If the character is looking into the edge of the frame, it creates a sense of awkwardness and makes the viewer uncomfortable. It’s as if they’re about to fall out of the frame.


Especially if the subject is moving across the frame, make sure to give them room to “walk into”


Head Room: 

Don’t decapitate your actors! From LS to MS, even MCU, make sure to give the head some room at the top, but also be careful of too much room…it will make the character seem much smaller. In a CU, usually frame the face so the top of the frame is along the mid-point of the actor’s forehead. For info on how to frame a close-up, check out this resource!

headroom20comparrison Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 9.04.37 PM



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