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patreon_logoDuring the COVID-19 crisis, the creators of CINESTUDY have become affected by the total loss of income as our industry is put on hold. We love that our materials are helping students, educators, and just anyone who wants to learn filmmaking!It has touched us deeply to hear from so many of you that are able to continue to learn while adhering to Stay-At-Home orders.

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Peter John Ross, creator of Cinestudy


I have had to go virtual for my intro to field video class right before we started work on their short film project. I am going to use some of your editing exercises, scripts, and download footage to provide my students material to edit to partially make up for not getting to shoot their films. The Animatics/Animating Storyboards exercise is especially useful as an introductory exercise before they do their final project which includes voice performances from the actors we were to work with. This will give them an idea how to work with drawings or inanimate objects for their visuals.California_State_University_Fresno

Thank you Cinestudy and Peter John Ross for providing this tremendous resource. This will help me to salvage the learning experience for my students during the Covid-19 crisis.

California State University, Fresno

Cinestudy has been an invaluable addition to my class, it’s great to see what students do with the interactive projects. I’ve been looking at your content for years and think it’s a harvard extensionwonderful tool for students. I am teaching an introductory course at the Harvard Extension School and use your content in my class.

– Instructor, Harvard Extension School

Interactive Project – Girlfriends short film


Welcome to a new CINESTUDY interactive project. For this one, we need you to not only edit our footage, but to shoot the other half of the scene!

We have a screenplay and all the footage for one half of the short film. Now you will have to shoot the other half. You can use your phone, a DSLR, a cinema camera or whatever you have available to you.

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